witch one of these would be better for the money
i play every thing from classic rock to greenday
id proberly rather the valve king coz of the price but would the classic 30 be worth the extra $$

thanks P.s i have a gibson SG standard
well this really depends on what you play the most, they are amps designed for different styles of playing, with ur SG, the classic would be great for classic rock and hard rock (if you had a tube screamer or something like that u'd get a really good tone) and has great cleans. the valveking is high gain, meant for metal really, and the cleans are ok. So personally i would get the classic just cuz it's a little more versatile and it fits my own playing style, i don't know about urs but that's wat i would do
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you can play anything on the classic (i have one, id know)... anything from greenday (whatever style that is, im not quite sure), to metal (any kind of metal), to funk, to blues, to jazz, to classic rock, to ska, to progressive.. whatever. it is very versatile. im not sure about the other amp, but the classic 30 really is worth the money... and if you dont have a distortion pedal, just get a footswitch... the classic 30 has awesome distortion on its own.
THe valve king isnt remotely high gain, IMO, its a pile of crap, your much better off saving and complimenting your SG with the Classic tbh.
Can the Classic 30 get 80's rock/shred tones if its boosted?

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The Classic 30 is a nice sounding amp. I've tried it and you can get some good tones out of it, so I recomend it. It'll suit your SG real nicely.
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Yeah I'm not familiar with Peavey at all but this is good info for me as well cos I'm also on the lookout for a good giggable valve amp

One question: what is the Peavey Classic 30 like in terms of 60's Eric Clapton/Peter Green tone? I was thinking of either a Vox AC30CC2 or a Marshall Bluesbreaker combo but I won't have a huge amount of money after the £900 SG Std I'm saving for.
The Classic 30's the answer in the States. Great all around amp, much nicer than the VK, IMHO.

However, it's no bargain in the UK. There, you want to go with something like the Laney VC30. Especially if you're looking for an AC30 type sound. Great amps that sell for boutique-type prices in the US but are practically budget amps in the UK.
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