When ure playing scale type of stuff where your picking starts from the low E string to high E string, are u suppose to like make ur picking hand go down in a straight line? When I start playing this scale, my pick is near the neck pickup and as I start to go down the strings, the pick is getting closer to the bridge pickup. Is tat bad?
it would only be bad if it effects the tone that you want to get when your playing, one being brighter and the other more mellow. But if you find that natural do it that way, as long as your left hands doing the right thing your picking hand can be re trained
It's generally considered better form to go more or less straight down, but everyone's got their own style. You're notes will likely sound more consistent though, and you're picking will be more consistent too, likely.
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cant you just tilt the guitar a little bit? that would make your natural picking motion go from a diagonal to straight