When I get the money I gonna buy a new bass, have some low price ibanez and a epiphone t-bird atm and plays throughe a ampeg BA 115.
Bought the epiphone since I really like the shape on it so I don't regret it but I don't think it got so good range as I want, but the lows are really nice.
And I was thinking about save up for a warwick corvette, but since it is so much money it would be nice to have some opinions first.
So which bass would be the absouloutly best one to buy (2000$ top limit)?
Play absolutley most Pantera, much sabbath, vh, old mettalica, ozzy etc mostly old rock but also rhcp and some jaco.
The primary need is a good rock/metal sound.
So I'm kinda curious on which bass would be the best one?

any help i appreciated
Wow, those are some high prices.

Warwicks are nice basses and so are the Schecter models. Just remember, the price doesn't always reflect on the quality and sound.
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Spector possibly or a Warwick
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get a rickenbacker!!!!!! and youll still have at least $500 left

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