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12 39%
DR Strings
2 6%
0 0%
1 3%
Ernie Ball
7 23%
1 3%
4 13%
0 0%
4 13%
Voters: 31.
this is just a poll because i love these things and its 4:03 AM and i have nothing better to sleep
fender bullets, 10's. so much more sustain than other strings.
i know alot of people like coated strings, but i had them, and i broke 2 in a week, ive only ever broken 1 string before that.
DR 10's FTW !!! :P
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d'addario 10's at the moment, but i'm thinking of changing to 11's soon
GHS 9's, stay in tune like nothing else and are very resonant and bright.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
The advertising for the Dimes look pretty convincing. Does anyone swear by those for any good reason, especially for metal?
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Ernie Balls usually, although i sometimes use GHS boomers.
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Thomastik-Infeld Blues Sliders or Jazz Bebops

also Skull Strings, depending on my mood
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d'addario 9

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