At the moment ino a few scales A, E, D and G. All in minor Pent and Blues scales.
But how do u mix the scales up while soloing??
Surely u cant just stick to one scale.
There must be some relation into conecting the scales and still making it sound all great. I think i have an idea what it might be but i anit to sure. Can any1 help???

E.G. changing from A blues into a G blues scale.
you can switch while the chords change
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wouldnt you say? you can stick to one scale while playing perfectly in the most interesting and complex of ways, thats what most blues musician do. however you can play the scale corresponding to the backing chord at a certain point of the song
Also, you have to remember that strictly speaking the scale you're playing changes each time the chords change, even if you're playing exactly the same notes. Understanding how the character of a note changes depending on the underlying chords is the key to imaginative and interesting improvising, not actively changing scales.
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