Hey guys...

I'm planning to restring my Edge Pro for the first time today, as i have a performance in a week, and want to get the new strings stretched in. It will be the first time i do this, and i have a few worries. First of all, i know about the locking part on the bridge, and that's fine, it its the tuning pegs I'm worried about. How do you get a nice even amount of loops around the peg? I would be so appreciative if you have videos, pictures or even an explanation, because I've restrung a few fixed bridge guitars, and they haven't turned out too well...

Second is how to give the strings a good stretch. I know since they are new they will go out of tune quite a lot until they are stretched in, but what is the best way to minimise this? Any things you should do before/after putting them on?

Thanks greatly to anyone who can help.
all i can say about the stretch is to tune up on note higher than you want it do this for about a day or two then retune

'tis all i know really

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Follow the guide and dont worry about it - once you've done it once you will realise it's pretty easy.
you'll get it eventually by following the thread here in UG on changing strings
1. stabilize the bridge.
2. leave a couple of inches of slack in the string to get 2-3 winds around the tuner.
3. stretching a string is just grabbing the string at the middle of the board. pulling it up and pressing down on it at the same time.
4. restringing questions go in the floyd thread or the restringing thread.



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On the down-tuning thing, the only advice I could give you is play a lot with it before your performance. Like any metal-things, they always work better after you've used them for a lil while.
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