Right ive put i different size set on my guitar with a floyd rose tremolo and now it cant get it to tune.
ive read millions of ways to do it but none seem to work im really stressed out with it.
any advice would be deeply appreciated.
well i just cant get it in tune at all ive changed all the spring tension millions of times, ive used the spider method, the two steps forward one step back thing. ive bin trying for past day to tune it to no avail. :[
yes sorry i though i said that in original post, but i got a bit ahead of myself lol.
and thats whats causing my trouble, cos im basically as square one and nothings working.
i guess there's nothing wrong wth the tremolo. tune it. see if the tremolo is horizontal. if not, you have to mess with the springs. JUST A BIT AT A TIME. don't turn it half of a turn please

then tune again. and repeat the process if necessary. it may take some hours to do that.
floyd roses are sh*t to get in tune. but when you do it, it's great

i don't think there's any need to takeit to a guitar shop, unless you broke something in the process
I just got a floyd equipped guitar for the first time and I thought I'd never get the damn thing in tune. I tuned the low E then the A and so on , went back to the low E and it was below E flat, tuned it to E again then A was below A flat and so on. It took along while to get it right, well I say long while I'm used to no hassle stop tails. The payoff is, I haven't even had to adjust the fine tuners in over two weeks now, and every string has been dead on. just keep tuning low E to high E cycle through a few times and look at the attitude of the bridge, meaning it's not in the divebomb position when you get it tuned.