Some months ago, I decided it would be cool to make my own guitar body. My current guitar is a Squire strat. Its body is made of agathis/crap-wood but the neck is surprisingly of real mapple and rosewood. So I started making a Jaguar shaped body (I've always wanted that guitar!) of northern hard-ash, but I will place the pots differently, so it'll be more like a Gibson, lookwise. Basically a Jaguar body with no pickguard, but still the chrome plates, and the volume/tone knobs placed like on a Gibson. I'll also buy some black speed knobs to put on the shafts. It'll have a Strat neck, the one from my Squire.

This is what it currently looks like from the front...

...and from the back...

And this is a VERY bad computer made image giving a very rough idea of how it's going to look.
got the green goin on, now sum yellow, then sum white, and .......................................


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something like this?

Yeah, except the two pots next to the circuit switches would be put next to the ones next to the jack output, so that part will look like a gibson. And I don't have too much money, so the bridge and tailpeice would be of my own invention, as with the chrome plates.
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something like this?

hah, i like how that mixup of a guitar has a strat bridge but a jaguar/jazzmaster tailpiece... you could have a double trem with that i wonder how annoying it would be to tune.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
Wait...Your DIYing the bridge?!
I wouldn't suggest doing that, get a a bridge from Guitar Fetish or someplace cheap so you can aleast adjust your action and intonation.

Is it just the picture or is your neck pocket slightly crooked?

Btw, are you into Post-Rock or do you just like the shape of the guitar?
Well, it'd have to be the picture, cause I've measured it carefully. And if I'd buy a bridge, it'd have to be cheap, as I haven't got so much money. I also live in Denmark, so it'd be expensive to order stuff from US. And I've got a diy bridge on my current guitar, which is a hollow alluminium tube, that works good enough for me. But I'll consider it. And I used to be a huge Cobain fan, but it's mostly because I really LOVE that crooked shape

It'll be wired with a Super Distortion at the bridge and a PAF at the neck - I know; JUST like Cobain's jag, but I'm extracting the pickups from my old guitar. And the strat tailpiece on that will be the tailpiece on the new one, except I remove the innotation things (don't know what they're called) and pull the strings through the holes where the screws used to be - it'll basically just be a chrome thing with holes.

EDIT: Found a cheap bridge, but the website for the shop is a bit buggy. It's a B-166 G bridge. Does anyone know anything about that. It's a 'roller bridge'. What's special, good and bad about those?
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roller bridges are great, especially for bigsby trems. made for teh gibson style TOM bridge/tail setup though. i love the shape. nto to hot on the rear cavity covers, but no one sees those. not sure how it'll look without the pickguard. but i was toying with the notion of replacing my bridgeplate on my jagmaster to one where the strings mount through the back, and then putting a bigsby behind it. maybe the first bigsby jag ever!
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