Does anyone know how much tickets are going to cost? The Ticketmaster site doesn't have prices listed so I was wondering how much they've cost in the past. All I know is that you can only buy a maximum of four.
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All i know, the line-up is ****.

I think i heard $130 or something? i remember talking to someone about it and i think they mentioned that....i may very well be wrong.
who's playing?

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The 3 head liners are Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and Grinspoon...from what i recall.

Rage is probably the only band worth seeing.

I dont remember the rest of the bands, none of them are worth mentioning anyway.
I'm going just for Rage and I heard tickets are shaping up to be around 150.
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Really...? The tickets are going to be around 150?

That's ridiculous.
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I'm assuming that BDO is a one day event....

150 AUSD is about £65... That's not bad at all. It costs more for a day ticket to the crap day at Download.


Download grabs BDO...and anally rapes it. In terms of...everything!
Just remember this is only the 1st announcement, theres still two more at least
its $137 with postage. The second announcement was announced today and it blew my mind! silverchair, Spoon, Augie March, Brand New, Regurgitator, Anti-Flag, Karnivool, Carl Cox, Pnau, Kate Nash, Josh Pyke, beXta, Shy Child, Gyroscope, Enter Shikari, Operator Please, Unkle (live), Goodwill, Krafty Kuts & MC Dynamite, Die! Die! Die!, The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello acoustic),Blue King Brown, Dr Octagon with Kutmaster Kurt, British India, Aceyalone, Krill.

I mean on top of whos already there, i think thats WELL worth 137, especially cuz of rage.

So is there going to be another announcement? I cant see them putting to many bands on in one day.

I'm in the ballot and i really really hope i win some because i got a lift to the goldy one.

p.s for those who dont know whos already there:

These acts join the already announced: Rage Against the Machine, Bjork, Grinspoon, Arcade Fire, Hilltop Hoods, Billy Bragg, Paul Kelly, LCD Soundsystem, Sarah Blasko, Faker, Midnight Juggernauts, Dizzee Rascal, Something With Numbers, Battles, Cut Off Your Hands.
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