hey UGers,

my friends selling a La Grange d150cs acoustic guitar, steel strings. I googled and nothing came up so I'm guessing its quite old or a unknown brand.

He's asking for around $100AUD
How much is one worth secondhand and is it a quality guitar?



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Dunno and Dunno. If it has a solid top and plays nicely, then 100 bucks is ok, if not... well i reckon you could do better, if he doesnt know if its solid top just look at the edges of the soundhole you should be able to see if its a laminate top or not. It it has a binding around the inside of the soundhole then its probably gunna be laminate. If it has no binding you will easily be able to see if it is laminate or solid.
i havent seen it as of yet, but i might next week. SO i should look that its a solid top? any other suggestions? Because i don't have an acoustic yet, so i was interested. But if its a dodgy one then i won't buy it.

Thanx for your help so far


"desert rose, why do you live alone..." - yoshiki
Well, without knowing more about it there isnt a lot of help i can give you so instead I'll just run over some basic acoustic type info so you can better make a judgement.

Solid wood vibrates more freely than a laminate top and at least to most peoples ears will sound a lot smoother, warmer and in general good. In australia the cheapest acoustic I have seen with a solid top is a Legend D-30 from billy hydes which is 200 bucks. Its still a piece of crap though, i still wouldnt buy it. the cheapest good solid top guitar in Aus is the Yamaha FG700S which goes for about $330. Pretty much everyone stocks them, unlike a lot of other good cheap brands (eg takamine and washburn) Not as many places stock them and most of the time they are marked up hugely compared to prices in the states. The Yamaha stuff is much more reasonably priced.

Thats just so you know how much a decent, cheap acoustic will go for, if the guitar your friend is selling has a solid top and plays well, then $100 is a good price, however if it has a laminate top your gunna have to make a harder decision. You wont be able to get a decent playing guitar brand new in Aus for $100, so i would say, if it plays decently (action can be adjusted, but better quality guitars will usually have the action set well from the first, whereas cheaper guitars you will find often have high actions) and is in decent nick and doesnt sound bad as such, $100 still might be worthwhile. I mean it will at least get you something to play on, and if you keep up with acoustic stuff, later on you can just buy something better.

Solid wood is also good on the back and sides of a guitar, however your gunna have to spend about $800AUD minimum to get a guitar with all solid wood, so your probably not going to have to worry about that, i think you can safely assume that the back and sides are solid, i would even take a guess at saying that the top is probably laminate, it looks a lot like its been built for the sole purpose of enticing a new player who doesnt know anything about guitars, but i could be wrong in this one.

Also just make sure nothing is coming apart, eg the bridge is still stuck firmly onto the top, the neck should be straight, tuning pegs should all work properly etc etc, just remember to check basic stuff like that.

In the end, $100 is pretty cheap for any guitar if its in good nick