Chuck Norris. It's also interesting to see what MacGuyver can do with those buggers.

edit: serzly now. Firefox + no dodgy sites = win.
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As long as you run all the updates you get,i think Norton.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

NOT Norton. Any of the ones you pay for are mostly useless.

Either Avast! or AVG. I've had some problems with AVG, as it doesn't like some game files.

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What about Macfee?


The ones I've listed are free and better.
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Sure, go for it, if you don't mind programs eating massive amount of RAM.

Norton is worse for that I've found.

Mcafee makes my log in take its time, but once windows gets to the desktop and does its thing its fine.

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I do a lot of dodgy things with my comp. And I've yet to get anything with McAfee. So don't listen to people who says one you pay for suck, there wrong pay a little bit and get something that works.
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