Hey UG, I thought there was a love thread somewere, but I couldnt find it

Anyways, theres this girl that I really like and it seems like she likes me to, but the probably is that after we started talking alot it seems like she gets to nervous around me in person, The only time we really talk is on msn. Last night i got drunk with her and a bunch of other people and she didnt say a word, whenever i talked to her she would just shake her head or shrug , anyways I bet some people have some good advice on what to do, and i bet some people are gonna tell me the answer is butt-secks, thats the thing about UG though, its got the actuall help, and its got the people who just love to talk about anything close to funny.

Thx in advance Metal Matt
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It sounds like he really likes you. As you said, she's nervous because she doesn't know what to say or is afraid to say something stupid, perhaps.

What do you need to do? Break the ice, talk to her more face to face, get her to be more open. Stop talking to her on MSN. If there's one thing I know it's that MSN can kill a spark. Or any text messaging for that matter.
now learn my mistakes, dont get to friendly with her, cause girls seem to have a thing from being to friendly, and then going out. Make your intentions clear after you know her quite well. Like SAS tactics, planned bu swift
dude i kinda did that before so likei was talking to this girl online alot then i saw her in person and i didn't say a word but then we talked about it online and i like asked her out and stuff of course i was rejected but now i can say stuff and not feel wierd
I would recommend to not be drunk around her....its either she was too shy and shugged and whatnot, or that you were being a dumbass while drunk.

Either one is likely. Avoid being under the influence in her presence because you never know what that **** can do.

Like people have said before, talk to her face to face. It will build up confidence on your part and hers. You need to lead her on, then ignore her for a couple days. Then keep doing it...Its like fishing. You hook a fish...all you gotta do is reel it in. Thats the toughest part. You pull the line a bit, give it some slack, pull in more, etc.

Its a cruel analogy, but still, you need to keep that "mystery" about you for her to really get into you. Thats part of the game. You cant keep chasing them, or theyll feel awkward or theyll label you into the "just friends" bin, and that wont be good. You need to distance yourself a bit. It WILL work...if she likes you, it WILL work, I assure you.
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I think she may have been intimidated by all the other people at the party...

maybe the next time u go out..just make it the 2 of you..

or let her take a really good friend of hers.

sure might be awkward but i dont think you should put her in social situations shes uncomfortable with....you drunk with a bunch of friends is probably uncomfortable.
talk on the phone
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Just sit her down and talk to her in person.
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