I suppose that this would be a "guitar accessory", so I chose this sub-forum.

Anyone remember before CDs, how a person could change the pitch of a song by changing the speed of the turntable or cassette player (if you had a cassette player that would do that, of course)? Obviously, the tempo would change, but it was not terribly noticeable if it was only half a step or a full step, at most.

Is there any software that anybody is familiar with that will do the same thing with today's digital music?

I tune to E flat, and there are some songs in standard tuning that I would like to learn and play along with. It sure would be cool if I could change the pitch of these songs down a half a step to E flat, and then burn them to a CD that way, rather than having to tune my guitar back and forth. If there is such software, perhaps that because it would all be done digitally, it could even do it without changing the tempo at all.

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.
in a word: audacity.

its free
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serach audacity and dowlnoad it. It is the most well-know (and probably best) free-audio editor. It can be used for lots of things, but it will do what you want.

Open the program, and click on project > import audio > then choose the song you want to change.

You should see the song appear as blue-waveform. Then press ctrl+A to slect the whole track, and go to the effct menu at the top and choose change pitch from the list. It lets you select the pitch you want and things like that.

Yeah, I used audacity to record a few songs (quality sucked because I used my MP3 player's mic) and changed the pitch to Eb. I even simulated a 12-string guitar (sorta) by taking the same guitar track and using it twice, raising one of the tracks by an octave.
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Ha ha; the first thing that went through my mind was "What the heck did I do!?", Blompcube!

I will give it a spin. Thank you for the tip, guys.

I may return to this thread to ask questions about it, if need be.

Thanks again!
Now THAT IS SLICK!! Kind of a pain to have to convert the WMA files to a usable WAV file by using an additional program ("Super", it's called), but that's okay.

Thanks so much!