Lately i have have been playing a lot of classical and i absolutely love it. However, I have a question about the free strokes of ima. Are you or are you not supposed to only bend the first and second joint? Or is the third joint also supposed to be used somehow?
are you talking about ima tremolo? if so well i usually do ami, but yeah mostly the first two joints but there is still some movement in the third, i dont really know how to explain i suggest watching some videos on youtube maybe?
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Um, this is a really specific question lol

As long as you achieve the required sound, tone, and volume of a free stroke, I don't think that trying to rationalize the movement down to each individual knuckle will do much good
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Yeah, I agree with Jon on this one almost 100% and we seem to disagree one quite a few things (lol).

I would still recommend trying to use your first joint, this being the one closest to the arm, so to speak. It's the most natural movement of the fingers. If you look at it, they seem to be designed for that. Let your arm relax completely. Drop it at your side completely loose. Slowly lift it up, making sure your hand it still fully relaxed and look the fingers. See how they pretty much shape to the way you'd have them on your guitar?

And CC, if he watches videos on youtube they should be of pro guitarists not those learn to play classical guitar vids, most of them are rubbish and have something wrong in them.

EDIT: And free stroke can't be called the correct classical technique just like rest stroke can't. It's too broad and doesn't take into account what type of sound you might want to produce whilst playing a certain piece of music. Sometimes a rest stroke gives you a better sound for one bar and in the next one you want a different sound and you are back to free strokes. It all depends on what is written on the music.

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In general, most power comes from your knuckle joints. But you can't simply keep the other finger joints completely immobile as well.