Hey everybody, i was just wondering if anyone knew any normal hand strengthening excercises i can do or make away from my guitar. I don't wanna buy anything, like just some basic hand movements of stuff u have lying around the house that you use.
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soz but that is the way forward

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If you don't want to buy anything; then get a tennis ball or something and just continually squeeze it as fast as you can.

Or you could fork out £5 or so on some grips.
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get some hand grips

they can't be more than a few dollars
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not exactly related to strength but those chinese metal ball things that you roll in your hands are great for warming up your fretting hand.

apart from that, practising legato and doing bends on an acoustic?

EDIT: Hand grips are alright, but they dont really strengthen your fingers much so its not going to help you that much guitar wise which i assume is why you were asking.
tennis balls

squeeze em
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ultimate_guns is right, but you also have to practice on the guitar, play some barre chords, some scales, really really really slow, cause youre not aiming for speed, well not at this moment...and um, also take breaks, thinking that if you keep playing without stopping is going to make youre hands lightening fast or give you mroe strength is an ol' neighborhood legend, its going to hurt you badly, so take breaks after 30 minutes, go sometihng else, like watch tv for 10 mins then go back, but in your break, open and close your hands, not the squeeze ball

and lol @ Mattmakesmetal