Hello! I'm portuguese and I don't write english very well, so sorry my mistakes xD

I'm think about buy a guitar, a don't have experience our skills to chose what kind of guitar is the best!

My choices are:

Jackson JS30KE KELLY (I think this is the best of this five)
Jackson JS30RR
Ibanez GRG270B
Ibanez GRG170DX
Jackson JS30DK

Those guitars are my choice...tell me please! I love "Linkin park" songs and i like very much if i can play it...I will learn to play guitar in a Musical School near my home and my objective is play musics like "Linkin park"...if i need to make some modifications our the kind of Amp I need to buy, please tell me too...i need to make sure that i can play this kind of songs with one for this guitars