Hello! I'm portuguese and I don't write english very well, so sorry my mistakes xD

I'm think about buy a guitar, a don't have experience our skills to chose what kind of guitar is the best!

My choices are:

Jackson JS30KE KELLY (I think this is the best of this five)
Jackson JS30RR
Ibanez GRG270B
Ibanez GRG170DX
Jackson JS30DK

Those guitars are my choice...tell me please! I love "Linkin park" songs and i like very much if i can play it...I will learn to play guitar in a Musical School near my home and my objective is play musics like "Linkin park"...if i need to make some modifications our the kind of Amp I need to buy, please tell me too...i need to make sure that i can play this kind of songs with one for this guitars
i'd go with the first one, i was looking at a USA kelly for awhile but decided to get my ltd.

still, go for the kelly.
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Well Jackson and Ibanez are probably perfect guitars for playing Linkin Park and similar music like that. Your deffinately going to want a dual humbucking guitar, and maybe even an HSH though i wouldnt say its necessary. I think the jackson you have selected are much better than those Ibanez models...I remember reading somewhere on this site that low price "G" model ibanezs were risky but dont quote me on that. Your best chance is to get to a guitar store and try them out...or...try similar guitars out on an amp your thinking of buying.

What kind of an amp do you have now? On their first two albums...Hybrid theory and Meteora...Im pretty sure the guitarists used Mesa Boogie style amps. I know that they expanded their choices in amplifiers on M2M and used alot of vintage and boutique amps so getting their exact sound might be pretty tough. Regardless, based on your price range i doubt your looking to shell out for a mesa...so you should either try and get a used tube amp if possible or check out vox and roland amps. The Valetronix and Cube are pretty good first amps to start out on and will give you a decent range of tones. If you have an amp already, and depending on what it is, than maybe see what other people recommend.

Also, consider what type of music you might get into in the future. Again if i am incorrectly assuming this let me know, but in my opinion it would be smart to start with a pretty versatile set up before you begin buying gear pertaining to only one type of genre. You never no what you might be listening to next.

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Thanks guys!

Now I know the Jackson is the best choice! I will take my conclusions!

Jackson JS30DK VS Jackson JS30KE ?? Are two good choices?