I can count 1/8th note triplets Ok (1-trip-let, 2-trip-let...) but I'm not sure how to count quarter note triplets[?] (3 quarter notes grouped together with '3' written above)

Anyone have any suggestions/ideas?
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I just say "trip-po-let" for either one.
That or "one-two-three" - doesn't really matter as long as you have the timing right.
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Quarter Notes: Ta Ta Ta Ta
Eighth Notes: Ta-ka Ta-ka Ta-ka Ta-ka
Triplets: Ta-ki-ta Ta-ki-ta Ta-ki-ta Ta-ki-ta
Sixteenth Notes: Ta-ka-di-mi Ta-ka-di-mi Ta-ka-di-mi Ta-ka-di-mi
Quintuplets: Ta-ka ta-ki-ta Ta-ka ta-ki-ta Ta-ka ta-ki-ta Ta-ka ta-ki-ta

From there, it's just combinations of the ones above:
Sextuplets: 6 = 3+3 (two sets of 3 triplets)
Septuplets: 7 = 3+4 or 4+3
Thity-second notes: 8 = 4+4
Nine-lets (not sure about the real name): 9 = 5+4
Groups of ten: 10 = 5+5
haha, no ones answered it yet

i believe youre talking about 3 quarter notes with a triplet feel

this is commonly known as '3 against 2', which is a polyrhythm, meaning you have 2 rhythms at once, your 2 beats for the normal quarter notes, and your 3 beats for the quarter note triplet

just subdivide it like this:

R: 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
L: 1 2 3 1 2 3 1

the R and L are for your hands, or feet

R: quarter note
L : quarter note triplet

i suggest starting VERY VERY slowly

and theres a flaw somewhere in here, i cant pinpoint it right now but ill try to work it out

because you have a group of 3 triplets itll be like:

tri pah let

which will counter against your foot tapping

one and

which will end up like this:


there we go, now ive got it in a more sane pattern, on the tri pah and let, tap your right hand, on the one and two tap left

its hard at first, after a day or two it comes easily
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Count 1/8 note triplets and play on every second beat. like ONE two THREE one TWO three etc. That's the easiest way to play quarter note triplets, and it can be expanded for half-notes too, if you play on every fourth beat. Take some getting used to but it works.