Hello. I was messing around with my piano after i got home last night from a rather... well, not the greatest night (girl issues, none of you want to hear me drone about it) and i realized that i came up with something that sounded good, which was the very beginning. I put it in Power Tab, then added some bass, touched up on the piano, and came up with this short little thing.

It's only about 57 seconds long, but i will expand on it if you guys think it sounds good. Crit for Crit, of course. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Updated version a few posts down.
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very nice but some of the bass is outta the tune of the piano and it sounds wierd but otherwise the piano is really beautiful, defiently should finish the piece
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I like it. Great feel to it. Im not sure, you might want to throw in another bass note between 0:09-0:15 because the pause is kind of awkward. Not bad though, works the way you have it. The last few seconds sound great. Id thow in some electric guitar over top of it right after 0:58. But yeah, should be a great song when you finish.
OK, I've added on to it. Threw in some lead guitar for 8 bars, then it turns quiet again, with guitar and bass put back in one at a time, then it breaks out into a loud chorus-like part again with piano, guitar, and bass. The length now is about 2:14

Again, hope you like, and thanks for any crits.
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thats dope man. the guitar is a bit strange in parts, but it seems to add so much its amazing. The bass it pretty damn good. And of course, the piano is sweet.
Overall this piece is really good, a very nice length, quite catchy, very very nice.

Thanks for the crit on my piece.
Its good. I like it alot.
But you keep using the same chords over and over. and the same rhythm at every 4th bar. when the guitar starts doing the same, well thats not that cool.
Also i noticed that your bass at bar 15 was out of tune and didnt sound so nice.
I also realy like it when you kick in the distorted guitar. but thats also where you should change up the piano a little bit.
The last 4 bars are very good, only thing here is that the guitar follows the piano pattern at the last bar thats been going on for awhile.

crit any of my latest?
nice stuff man. Although, for the piano I would suggest using some different chord progressions like the others said already and you should also try to do some more complex stuff with the piano as it goes throughout the song. The guitar fit good but the trills sounded a little odd in bar 21. I really liked it when it the guitar was harmonized. Just keep working on the piano part man.