question 1: you know how when you split your computer up so that you can log into a few different users...(as odd as this question is...) does that disconnect the internet so that you have to connect to the internet each time you log in?

question 2: is it possible to load the XP operating system onto the computer twice?
i want this so i can have nothing but internet on one OS and then the other one has all my pics/music/ files/ documents and stuff.

thanks in advance
1) no.
2) no, but you can just delete everything you dont need on one acount.
1. It depends, I'm not sure what you mean. If you choose the option to "switch user" the internet stays connected, but if you select "log off" it breaks the connection for a moment.
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k thanks... are you COMPLETLY sure that it will not disconnect my connection if i switch users?