I would have to say

Boss dd-6

Ibanez FL9 Flanger Reissue

MXR phase 90

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q

Dunlop Univibe

What do you guys think
NYC Big muff

Vox V847 wah

Boss DD-3

EHX Small stone

Digitech whammy
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MXR - Micro Amp

Visual Sound - Jekyll + Hyde

Boss - DD-3

Boss - TU-2

And a simple Footswitch for your amp ; )
Epi Lp Custom-->Ernie Ball VPJR-->Visual Sound Jekyll And Hyde-->Boss TU-2-->Boss Tr-2-->ISP Decimator-->Dan-Electro Reel Echo-->MXR Micro Amp-->Laney VC-30 2x10

The Cubists
I'll choose some more innovative and orginal pedals

1. ZVex Ringtone
2. Electro-Harmonix HOG
3. ZVex Fuzz Probe
4. Digitech EX-7
5. ZVex Machine

ZVex is cool..
Dissonance is Bliss

Signal Chain:
Carvin CT-4
Ibanez TS-9
Carvin Quad-X
TC Electronics G-Major
Mesa/Boogie 2:90
Ear Candy BuzzBomb

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1. Little Lehle (aka: completely indestructable)
2. Red Llama
3. Eventide Delay
4. Moogerfooger Ringmod
5. Anything bearing the ZVex name
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
Memory Man
Ts808 Tubescreamer
Digitech Whammy
Arbiter Fuzz
Vox V847
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Well, when I'm fapping, I sometimes look at my left hand and wonder what could have been ....

line 6 modeler peds
anything by mutron
OLD ehx pedals
echoplex(not a pedal, i know)
everything i own
Ehx deluxe electric mistress

Lovepedal vibe

Barber LTD SR

MXR super comp

MXR micro amp

..basically my pedalboard setup, but without my EHX big muff and line 6 DL-4.
Boss CE-1
Shin-Ei Univibe
Deluxe Memory Man
Boss OD-1 (I loves mine )
Gig-FX The Chopper
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Gotta leave this town

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Gonna be big yeah...
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Dual Zendrive
Sweet Sound Ultra Vibe II
RMC Wheels Of Fire (even better if fitted with a FoxRox Retrofit)
KR Gypsy Fuzz
Roger Mayer Octavia
Ibanez AFS75/Fender Strat Plus > Fulltone Deja' Vibe > Keeley TS808 MOD+ > Fulltone OCD > VanAmps SoleMate > Metro JTM45
Delay: Deluxe Memory Man (its....so much better than everything else haha)

Overdrive: (OD-9, OD-808)

noise gate: (ISP, NS-2)

EQ: MXR 10-band
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-Peavey 6505+
-Maxon OD-9, Dunlop 535Q Wah, EHX Deluxe Memory Man, MXR 10-band EQ, MXR Super Comp
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ibanez ad80, fulltone deluxe clyde, timmy od, pederson strobostomp, vintage proco rat.
Vox wah
EHX Smallstone
Boss DD-20
Skreddy Screwdriver
Digitech Whammy

I've only played or used two of these, so yeah the rest are just the ones i've heard about or listened to soundclips of.
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Quote by TehJermie

line 6 modeler peds
anything by mutron
OLD ehx pedals
echoplex(not a pedal, i know)
everything i own

What do you own?
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Ibanez TS808
Univox Univibe
Vox Clyde McCoy
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
and one which is still in production: HBE Big D
Digitech WH-1
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
EHX Small Stone
EHX Deluxe Memory Man
Marshall ShredMaster

these are legendary pedals that have been all over some classic albums (Hendrix, Floyd, Radiohead)
Boss Blues Driver
Big Muff (Mainly Sovtek)
Line 6 DL4 Delay
Boss GE7 EQ
Phase 100

Not really GE7, that's more of a palce hoder...
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Ibanez TS-808 (original) (if it has to be in production now then a maxon od8)
Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Clyde mccoy deluxe wah
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
EHX deluxe memory man