theres this new small private guitar store its got good stuff maybe not as good as guitar center or sam ash, but anyways they had a great guitar for only $149. i woulda got it right there but i was thinkin if was really that good of a guitar why the lower price compared to the major guitar stores. that happens alot i see something i would buy but the lower price kinda scares me to thinking i'll be buying something not worth it in the long run
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Yeah ^ I agree. Mostly cause I work at one...but still.

But what kind of guitar was it? I'd assume they're pretty close on the price. We are.
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In general smaller stores find it hard to compete price-wise with the big chains. A store run by a shrewd business person can however do some deals. I would rather support the small business if they can offer me what I need, as competion drying up does no one any good in the long run. Often the smaller store gives more personalized service and cares more about the customer and the quality of the merchandise.