Well at the moment I have a Shecter Hellraiser (emg 81/85) , a roland cube 30x and a Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal . Well my amp and pedals have good for me as a beginner but I've been progressing a lot lately and I think I'll be needing a new amp, pedals etc.. Well I'm really looking something good for shred type stuff aswell as Melodeath, Thrash Metal, heavy stuff like that.. But I really have no idea what to get? I'm saving up money at the moment and will maybe have around £200+(approx $400) by christmas so can anyone give me any suggestions on what to aim for? I don't think I really need a large at maybe just a bit bigger than the roland 30x I have, and maybe you could suggest a decent pedal to go with it? Thanks alot.
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Pedalwise you should consider the Metal Muff by EHX 100%

The guitar sounds good (from the spec) for what you want.

Amp I am not so sure about mate.

I don't primarily play that sorta metal (I have a strat + hot rod), though I have a metal zone on my RP350 which is really not too bad for general chunky fun. (not good for leads though)

I might get a metal muff myself as they are only about £60, and apprently really good. If ever/whenever I wanna play heavy stuff it would probably help, plus the leads are meant to be great.
how about a Peavey tube, maybe a Classic 30. With a Tubescreamer or similar OD pedal, u should be good.
Peavy Windsor and a Metal Muff, $500. Oh, you'd need a cab too....erm, save up, or mabye a B-52 AT-112 and a Metal Muff, or a Peavy Valveking and a Metal Muff.