Im just curious, for one Im not sure what are specifically good woods, and also because I have an old Hamer, and I havent seen it anywhere else.

I understand this is rather vague, but I wanted to check if there were any signs before ripping off the paint job to see
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What model is it? That gives us an insight on what wood it might be made of.
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If its bolt on, take off the neck and look at the wood in the neck pocket. If its set neck, you're kinda stuck to guessing using specs you found online unless it has a clear finish.
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Pop open the pickguard and look around in there, if its pre-shielded theres nothing you can do, or as CJRocker said pop the neck off if its a bolt on.
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mm what everyone else said, unless you have a really sensitive ear; basically just wherever you can see the wood
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