Okay for my new friend well good friend but we just met recently and im a guy and shes a girl and I want to write her a song for her birthday. I already have the guitar part transcribed but im not so good at writing lyrics. Can anyone help me out with some suggestions or ideas, I like her but atm its jsut friends so no really lovey type lyrics but good friend lyrics.

Quote by boyde_99
sing her happy birthday

Haha I want it a little more advanced than that.
if nay1 in this world
is better than u
prettier than u
smarter than u
then let me be wat a moon
can hide between the noon
and the time the sun shines
We only just met,
You are my pet.
You are my pet.
We only just met.

I saw you.
You saw me.
We are both happy.

We only just met.
You are my pet.

I am happy.