Ok well basically i have an iommi SG, and a marshall DSL 401, now i love both. And im so close to a sabbath sound. Now im not looking for iron man or w/e but true sabbath. The less poppy sound, such as lord of this world, sweet leaf, the wizard sabbath bloody sabbath and especailly sabotage album etc. Im wondering do i need to EQ more (like i said im close) i got treble on 10, mids 8 and bass 6. BUt not quite there. Now please dont link me to ultimate settings thread of T-6 M-6 and B-6 because it dont work very well. But what im asking for, is either the right EQ, or a pedal such as big muff for it, or maybe overdrive. But i want that fuzzy breakup driving sound tony iommi gets.

THx for any help
I have a feeling that the smoothness comes more from the studio than his amp. You can try EQ. Many pro guitar players use two EQ pedals, one before the preamp and one in the effects loop (after the preamp.) I'd stick the EQ in the effects loop and try it.
well i known that iommi wasnt a pedal man, but i want that driving fuzzy sound, and i know he used a treble booster.
just forgot to add, i love the sound i nthe warning at 1.20 ish that thick tone
so guys i was wondering, if you could gimi some feedback on what pedal would be better, overdrive or fuzz