Which is a cheap good microphone I can buy off ebay that would be good for recording voice and guitar?
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it would be better to record guitar straight into the computer

no, its usually always better to just put your mic infront of your cab, that way you actually record what your hearing
To record just an acoustic guitar i suggest some type of large diaphragm condenser mic.
Ill look some info up on another board for some suggestions but a cheap price hardly ever comes with condenser mics...

A great combo would be an AT2020 mic:

Paired with a nice preamp like a small mixer (Yamaha MG series has usable preamps with phantom power. Look for a Yamaha MG 10/2 on ebay for a good price, the MG102C is $120 new.

You could try beringer but I don't think the smaller mixers have 48V phantom power.

Recordings are only as good as the gear you use and recording gear overall is never cheap so just keep that in mind.
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it would be better to record guitar straight into the computer

I really disagree, this is a far more clinical approach.

I know most people will probably say this, but you can't go wrong with a Shure SM57. Good, all purpose microphone, can be used to record anything from snares to vocals really, and with very decent quality for the price.

They are only £66 on GAK at the moment (www.gak.co.uk) if you are from the UK.

You might, of course, just for vocals and acoustic prefer a compressor microphone for more sensitivity, but then you have to have phantom power like the guy above said, and you might not have the right equipment for this.
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I'm not gonna order one because I'm broke.

I got the chance to nick one and get off scot-free last year, but I'm too damn honest.
I could steal some amazing equipment from college but I wouldn't. Now if it was someone else's college.....
There is poetry in despair.