so my Homecoming is tonight
and i have absolutely no idea where we can go for dinner
Ive been thinking about this for about a week and im still blank
And the girlfriend is no help...
any sugestions from the pit?
(no strip clubs)
Pleases And Thank Yous?
McDonalds? You should probably google restaurants in michigan instead of asking the pit, seeing as most of us don't really know the area. The ones that do are involved in mafia activities at the moment.
what about this girlfriend you are speaking of?
and restraunts are basicly the same everywhere...
with the exception of a few...(sonic pisses me off, all the way in ohio)...
What part of Michigan are you from? I can help ya out a little (hopefully) cuz i live in Michigan
Coney Island FTW
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
National Coney Island or White Castle two of the finest food establishments Michigan has to offer.
Hmmm Westpoint Barbeque is REALLY GOOD and has great Ribs. I believe it's in Dearborn, don't know if you'd want to make that treck.

Google earth says there's a Chinese Resturant in Garden City so ya might wanna take you're gf there.
I'm going to Hard Rock in Niagara Falls after mine tonight. See if theres any in michigan