Using Audacity 1.3

Miked Amp -> Shure SM57 -> ART Tube MP -> Sound Card Line in (Audigy 2 Value)

On the Preamp the output is at 12:00 and input it at 3:00

It sounds very thin no bass response there's a bit of clipping too but because I have my levels too high.

Hear for yourself:


Is my Audigy at fault here? Do I need something like an Audiophile 192?

Update here it is again when I moved the mics around still not great:

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Well compared to the real amp sound it's like night and day. The sound has no "fullness" and no bass at all.

Basically it sounds nothing like the real setup.
Definitely turn the gains down to eradicate clipping. A better sound card wouldn't hurt, but what recorder are you using? Also, keep in mind that your sound card's input jack is stereo, and it sounds like you're inputting a mono signal. If you're not using a decent sound recorder/editor, I'd start there, and maybe trying a mono to stereo adapter.
An external device like an m-audio firewire or such would help.
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the problem with most sound cards is that they arent meant for recording. they really are made to go the other way, so you dont get the best response going A-D. if you upgrade to a real recording card (dont upgrade to a gaming card or anything) then the quality will improve.

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What kind of PC speaker do you have? If you don't have decent ones you won't hear much bass. Also Audigy's aren't that great for recording, the X-Fi line will work better and shouldn't set you back as much as a real recording card.