Yo, we need a new guitarist as our old guitarist left us because he didn't want to play metal anymore.

We're also looking for a Singer/Screamer as well to complete our line-up.

General Requirements:

Must have own gear.

Must make it to practice every week (1 to 2 days).

Must have reliable transportation.

Must live in East Mesa (or 15 minutes from Red Mountain High).

Guitarist Requirements:

Must have (preferably) 2 years experience in playing guitar.

Must be comfortable with playing in Drop D or Drop C tuning.

Must have an amp loud enough to be heard over drums and other instruments.

Must have reliable equipment.

Singer/Screamer Requirements:

be able to scream, we're not interested in only a singer, unless we've found a screamer before hand, is prefered that you can do both.

Must (preferably) have your own PA/Bass Amp/Keyboard Amp to run vocals through.

Must be comfortable performing in front of an audience.

Must not be lifeless on-stage.

MUST! know how to write lyrics.

P.S. We're not looking for some whiny screaming voice, idealy, we'd like a singing/screaming sound of Howard Jones or Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage.
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Hey I'm a guitarist out of Mesa, i've been playing for about 2-3 years seriously, i love metal and i would love to come check you guys out and maybe have a jam sesh. What music are you currently studying? any specific bands?

My equipment:

1956 epiphone les paul gold top

line 6 spider iv 150 watt

floor pod plus