greenday suck. there is no debate about it.

no skill involved.
Most random lyrics ever...

"thunder pounds when i stomp the ground like a million elephants and silverback orangutans you cant stop a train" - B.O.B - Outkast
greenday doesn't suck
they don't require skill to play, but their older stuff is fantastic (their new stuff is slightly less than desirable but their style of music went before their new stuff was realeased)
great pop punk/rock band

your singer sucks though and the song was played too fast and the solo wasn't timed right

but it wasn't bad
the singer doesn't suck. he just needs to try another attempt with lower notes. for example, you don't have to sing the word "path" so low just because thats how the song goes. It will sound a lot better if you change it up than if you try to sing a note you can't reach. I thought you guys could've been a little more interesting to watch though...especially since the song isn't so difficult to learn. but i thought it was a decent cover.

crit me?
I didn't think the singer was bad. He seems a bit nervous, but overall it's pretty good. Well done.
I like green day. I like this song. and I have every reason to be biased in favor of this performance, but damn it was horrible:

singer: please sing naturally, don't force it, and practice more...please. and don't shake your head like a douchebag. christ.....btw, get the lyrics right...

guitars: the song is piss easy to play, but you guys managed to somehow make it sound bad. It was muffled and not clear.

drums: good job.