i was wondering if i cold get some of your opinions on the peavey valveking head.
i might be asking this for christmas, and i would like to get some of your opinions on it. if you own it, tell me about your experience with it on why its a good amp and why it isn't. and if you know where any good reviews of this head are, please give me the link because i've only read customer reviews on musiciansfriend.com

It's a decent valve amp on a budget- good tone for how much you're spending.
If you're willing to spend (or if your PARENTS are willing to spend ) a little more you can get better amps.
What genres of music do you play? and how much do you guess your parents would be happy to spend?
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well thats about the limit. i gonna end up paying for some of it but its because i really want it. i mostly play metalcore, melodic metal..such as parkway drive, august burns red, protest the hero and darkest hour.
Right okay.
How much is the VK? (not sure what country you're in)
And do you already have a cabinet?

tbh, the VK isn't voiced towards high-gain metal (imo)
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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For the best tingle, use Original Source mint. That shit feels amazing on your balls.

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its 529.00 in the US.
i'm in the US.

and i will soon have my own cabinet.
i'm in the process of making my own right now.

i heard that you can make the gain go up to 11 though?

and i wanted to get the head because its a really good priced tube amp for a good price.

but if you would want to suggest any other heads that would be nice.
my price range is 550.00 at the very max.
People BS the amp series. I think they're okay, you just need to get a noise gate, or you won't be able to use an effects loop effectively.
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oh okay..
i heard they dont come with a footswitch either which is lame.

but i'm gonna get some more opinions about this amp before i start any decision making.
Stock the 50 watt 112 combo will do up to Randy Rhoads-era metal without a pedal. After that it gets more difficult. The amp doesn't take kindly to scooped mids. It is a very giggable amp for blues and classic rock. Modern metal at high volumes (more than 7) tends to bring out the weaknesses of the stock speaker. Metal players are divided on whether or no the amp is good for metal. About 1/3 of metal players hate it, the other 2/3 like it. You should try it out extensively before buying. For what I play its wonderful. More gain on tap than I normally use, loud as hell with decent cleans.
The question is also do you really want an amp this loud. If you are just playing at home it may be overkill. It does sound pretty good at low volume so its a great practice amp, but you won't be able to overdrive the power amp at home (unless you live in the Sahara Desert.) If you aren't gigging you may want to consider something smaller (wattage.)
I haven't tried my vk with an overdrive pedal yet, but then again its always in repair. It's being repaired at the moment for the 2nd time. On it's own stock, its gain can do metal but not death metal. Just your general metallica ish gainy sound. It's a very noisy amp so i'd recommend a noise gate, also its not very reliable. The stock distortion sounds flabby and muddy and its built quality is sub par.

I'd say just save up more and stop being so eager to get an amp. The money you put into it really shows, so wait for a few months and save up some more cash and get a really nice amp. It's worth it!
^Believe me I have plenty of sympathy for you. I was so happy I was going to get the combo I dreamed of after playing solid state again for 8 years. I bought a brand new 112 of a different brand and it died after 3 months. Took it back to Guitar Center and they exchanged for another same model. One month later this one did the same thing. That's why I ended up with the VK, which I have had for over a year of hard use without a problem. Maybe you just got a bad one or I just got a good one, who knows? With budget amps its kind of a crap-shoot. Good luck, man.