Hey guys I was wondering if drums are tuned to a certain note? If so, could you guys please tell me. Thanks.
you can tune them yes, heard of some metal band doinf twinkle little star or soemthing
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No I mean the drums themselves.. like is the bass drum a certain note like E or F and the snare another?
There is not really any set way to tune a drum. Its all tuned to what sounds good to the drummer using them.
pretty much everything is tuned to some sort of note, but i think drums are just tuned too low for it to matter.
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I know steel drums are tuned to notes..man those things are awesome..

I spose that drums are tuned to a certan note...Maybe

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i know my old drummer used to use a chromatic tuner, i know he tuned his bass drum to C.... (or at least he said he did, he'd take like 20 minutes to tune just his bass drum, sometimes it'd take him 2 hours to do his whole kit)