I got a red ring of death when i ate a vindaloo and the morning after....need i say more?

Get it replaced.
should be under warranty. check the xbox website
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stick pennies in it.
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stick pennies in it.


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i think that microsoft is covering this problem whether or not your xbox is still under warranty, so just call the MS support line and they should help you out, but I hear it will take several weeks
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I got a red ring of death when i ate a vindaloo and the morning after....need i say more?

Get it replaced.

Too much info dude.




Quote by Moggan13
I got a red ring of death when i ate a vindaloo and the morning after....need i say more?

Get it replaced.

my xbox is living proof that 3 red rings doesnt destroy your xbox =D, i had it once and it still works lol, got the extended warrenty after it though (h)
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what's a red ring of death?
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Its what you get between you ballsack and your thigh when a buddy rubs his arm infected with ring worm there...
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XBox 360 with Best Buy warranty = taking back the 360 however many times to get it exchanged for a new one no questions asked.

My brother and I are on our 4th one. Since this one isn't doing the Red Rings of Death, but isn't reading games/dvds properly, it will be taken back soon too.

Why must the only system out right now with a huge library of cool games be plagued with **** ups that shouldn't have gone past the prototype stage? That's Microsoft for you I guess.
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send it back...while you're waiting for your coffin to send it in, start it up, and wrap it in a towel. leave it running in the towel for 30 minutes and you'll get a day or two more out of it. repeat until the coffin comes. i kid you not, this legit works.
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stick pennies in it.

About 7 years ago, my little cousin (maybe 3 at the time) stuck pennis in my N64. It didn't ruin it, but you can still hear the jingle if you shake the console.

I've gotten 3/4 red on my 360 before, but only once. God, that was scary.

The 360 should be under warranty. You just send it to Microsoft and I believe they'll fix it or send a new one for free. Look on the site for details?
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every console has a 3 year warranty...and the 360 has been out less than 3 years, so every console is covered. just call microsoft and they'll send you a box so that you can send it back for a new one.
what the hell is a red ring of death? when i was at my friends house the thing around the green x went red and he just switched something in the back and fixed it
Towel trick it.


It seriously works. Depending on your 360 it could last for a few hours to day or months. All you have to do is wrap it in a towel, overheat it, let it cool down, and then the red rings are gone. I just heated it for 20 minutes and then cooled it off for another 20 when I did it. But eventually they will come back, so your best bet is to just get it replaced.

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