my fingers aren't what you would call long....they are actually pretty short....is this going to limit my ability to play lead? or anything for that matter.... i havent found it a problem so far...but id just like a little feedback...i hear technique is whats really important.
It wont affect your playing man, I've heard plenty of peaople talk about having stubby fingers and it hasn't affected them.

I'm double jointed and as a result play my guitar with my finger up right verticly rather than horizontally and I had onr guitar lesson and the teacher told me I would'nt get any better - as a result I dumped him (I'm not paying £20 a lesson for someone to tell me that!).

Since than I've taught myself and I've improved and am improving massivley all the time as time goes by. Just stick to it, stubbiness is not an exuse .

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yeah technique would be really important. longer fingers would allow you to stretch a little furthur but you just gotta know how to use your fingers
Nah it shouldn't make to much of a difference.
I have little stubby fingers too, but i can still play lead fine. You just have to develope different techniques than someone who has long fingers.
My fingers probabley stretched out/grew a bit too since i started playing guitar. I think that, the more you use a part of your body, that part will grow out. Its natural.
i have stubby fat fingers
i play rythym mainly, but i love to play clean and improv with some solos

its cool
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thanks for the positive feed back...in sucha short time lol. i havent found it a problem...i was just wondering if it will be...i mean i can stretch 6 frets pretty decently now...when i started i could barely....now its easy.
also a thinner neck may be more comfortable, thats what ive noticed anyway. but no it wont have any real effect
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks