Not to lend or borrow a word
A single syllable, pregnant with his expectation
Will I stoop; no. I will ask no quarter,
Give no sign of regret, remorse, remembrance;
I will shade my eyes from a sun that will never see the light.

No monuments
Or epitaphs will commemorate this battle.
O look upon your works, ye mighty.
You shall die, but die like gods
Die gloriously in knowledge of good and evil.
Die, and die alone after all,
Alone and cold and tired like you always knew it would be.

Walk as far as you can. Walk
Along highways and through forests,
Cities, cornfields. See the wonders you might have made.
Walk as far as you can, and never look back,
Never leave this earth, this soil, this cemetery,
Never learn to stand fully upright
Under gravity’s merciless finger.
Look up to the sky, to the stars, to God.
See your reflection, or see nothing. You must choose.

No book
Or scroll can tell some hidden truth.
The truth is a lie. No black or white.
Only gray skies, gray cities
Gray old men praying
To the pigments of their imagination.

It would have been your right,
Your duty, your purpose to color it in.

But it’s all over now.
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Quote by Jackal58
JoHNNERz you sir are my hero of the moment.
I'm impressed
That was quite honestly one of the best things I've read on here in the past two years.
It was superficially simple yet deeply complex, but without losing sight of communication.
Awesome job, great ending as well...magnificent.