Just curious if the solo for Every Rose has its thorn by Poison is a relatively easy solo for me... someone whose been playing for about 3 months. Basically is it an easier solo out there for anyone who knows it?
dont worry about soloing at 3 months, learn your theory
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well you could make up your own solo which technacally can consist of anything theres lots of really simple solos out there personally one which is easy as you can here whats going on and teaches you timing and bending and such is californiacation by the rhcp obv
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yeah that solo is actualy a peice of cake just get the timing down right thats allif i were you id learn the smells like teen spirit solo its uber easy
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dont worry about soloing at 3 months, learn your theory

ive been playing for almost 2 years now, you dont need "theory..."
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Thanks... I just like to challenge myself even though I'm new I think it helps me learn faster. I played trumpet in the school band for 7 years back in the day so I can ready music pretty well still and I can stick with beats and stuff like that. I've been taking lessons for about two months now and I can play a couple songs. I'm doing sweet child of mine right now and I can play pretty much everything but the solo at this point.