i bought a Digitech RP50 modeling guitar processor for like 60 bucks is it any good and does anyone else have one?
If you want my honest opinion, I had an RP80 and thought it was junk. A pain in the ass to use, sounded fake, and was cheaply made. But if you like it thats all that matters
you'll probably take the course like most of us who got one did.

when you first get it you're like "oh cool, footswitchable distortion/clean and tons of effects."

then you learn tweaking some parameters does one thing, and this means this, blah blah.

then after a few months/your ear develops, you'll realize it doesn't sound very good. it'll be tinny, digital, and kinda lifeless. sure there's gain... but it's so empty.

and then you'll move onto individual stompboxes. yayy.
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i was thinking of gettin either that or the zoom g2 what do tyou think of the rp50
I have the RP50, it's a load of junk. I only had it for a month and it'd broke, cheaply made and thought it was a total waste of money :[
I'd rather get the Zoom G2 tbh. I've heard bad things about the RP's.