I have a thread about this in Riffs and Recordings, so I know this shouldn't really be here, but it seems to be slow in there at the moment and I would appreciate a bit of help. If this offends anyone, then I'll just get rid of it.

Does anyone know which would be a good USB interface to get for my laptop/desktop pc? I have a selection of items which seem suitable, can anyone give me their opinions on these? Or suggest something similar with similar budget?

Edirol UA25

Alesis IO/2

(Has to be compatible with Vista)
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A PreSonus Firebox is the way to go if you have a firewire port. As for USB if you are willing to spend the cash to get a Pro-Tools compatible interface (hell yes it's worth it!) check out the MBox 2 mini (and then buy Pro-Tools M-Powered of course). Oh, actually now that I think about it Pro-Tools is still working on a Vista compatibility update so you'd have to wait for that.

If you are on a limited budget and don't care about Pro-Tools but do need USB specifically then Musician's Friend's deal on the Lexicon Omega interface is about as good as your going to get for the cash on a budget. Roland is a awesome company but I haven't heard much about that particular interface you listed. Their firewire intefaces are sweet, though. I wouldn't personally buy anything from Alesis. You could also look at the M-Audio's USB stuff but you'd have to look into their Vista compatability and what-not.
I have used M-Audio interface before, and I didn't enjoy the experience. That was only the Fast Track, though. The Lexicon Omega was another one I was looking at, a good choice? I wasn't sure if it was better than the others I listed or not. I wouldn't want to wait for Pro Tools compatability, and Firewire is a no-no because I can't install it on my laptop.
There is poetry in despair.