I currently have a Spider II (bad move, i know). I am finally ready to upgrade to a decent practice amp, since i live in a condo and can't blast a half-stack.

My question is what would be better, the orange crush, or the roland cube. I play 80's rock and classic rock mainly. and music with clean tones needed as well.

I do not have store anywhere around me that carries these amps, so i will have to buy from the internet but I would like some feedback these amps before I buy.

crush > cube.
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i would go for the orange
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i'd say the crush
i know the feeling of not being able to crank it up, i live in a town house, but i used to crank it up but my neighbors had a baby so i stopped, i think they had the baby just to stop me from playing so loud.
The Oranges are nice, but they are a bit pricey for what you get. For what you do though, it should be great. The Cube is a better metal amp IMO. Its cleans also sound a bit plain, but I think you get more for your money with the Cube. All and all though, I've played both, and really liked the Orange. Go for it!