I've been playing guitar for almost two years now, and I think I'm decent enough. Just recently, I uploaded a video to YouTube of me playing Trivium's cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets". The video is here. I got tons of comments saying that I was holding the pick completely wrong. I started noticing that I hold the pick with the insides of my thumb and first finger, as opposed to the inside of the thumb and side of the first finger (the way everyone else does it). Does it really matter how I hold it? Does it affect playing at all?
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if it's comfortable for u and u can still achieve all the technical stuff, then stick with it.
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well it6s meant to but look at most of the greatest guitarists they are too busy play crazy S**T to be bothered holding it at right angles to your thumb but its meant to im[prove your picking curacy which can be usful in like classical or metal and many others also like the idea when you pick you ratoate your direction for every note played like up down up down its not nessicarry unless your studyiing guitar tbh or if you want to learn 'properly'
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I have a friend that holds his pick like that, IMO there's too much pick sticking out in that position and the angle that it should have gives you a better contact as far for precision but if it works go ahead but i'd recomend fixing it, it should let you hit better pinch harmonics and and it let's you pick quite a bit faster, since theres not as much material rubbing the strings
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I uploaded a video to YouTube of me playing Trivium's cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets".

Cover of a cover?

anyways, hold it how you want. there is no wrong way.