Yeah, like you really need to die a little more inside, I bring you the most insanely disturbing music video of all time:


You might want to take a deep breath for this one.

Also, post other bat fuck insane videos you might find.
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lmfao man thats so sick and depraved and yet funny all at once

my hats off to you IbanezSA160, you have embodied the Pit into one little poem
jesus christ, i think i'd prefer to be rick rolled
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What are you guys talking about! I love that video!
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I hate you so much. I can't get that out of my head
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"so you mean if the father is sterile, the kid will be sterile too?"

Proof God exists and evolution is a lie:
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the prove is u because u did n create urself and ur parents dindt and their parents didnt and so on and we are not monkeys peace

Who came up with an idea for this video, that'll be the best thing I've seen this week.
there is no swear word or insult powerful enough to describe that video
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Well, If I woke up a girl, I would immediantly proceed to achieving an orgaism.

because they are superior to ours.

i got 31 seconds in....then clicked x yay
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2:18-2:25 listen to her voice. Hilarious.
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I'd rather be caught raping a weasel than ever have to watch that again