Hey guys ive been playing my ibanez RX40 its a beginner guitar and its atleast 2 years old ever since i started.

Well let me off by saying i play metal Trivium, Cob,Wintersun, Kalmah etc.

I am looking for a good metal guitar that doesnt sound much like a B.C rich. One with 24 frets and a locking floyd rose (Or any locking floating bridge) Im a fan of V shape or those Ibanez shapes. I was looking at the RR3 but i didnt like much of its trembly noise i just want a good distorted sound but not that distorted.

I am using a line 6 spider III 75 but im getting a roland cube 30x soon, cant wait.

My budget is under 600 dollars.

Thanks guys hoping for you'r replies.
Visit your local guitar shops, and try out the guitars that fit that description.

Use the search bar.

Think about whether you should spend the money on a valve amp rather than another guitar.
New amp before new guitar.

I'm sure you could play metal on your Ibanez now. Hell, Jaari from Wintersun uses a Telecaster...
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If you get a trem make sure you don't get a bad LFR or an Edge lll.
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Jackson DK2, DK2M, DK2T or RR3. Good guitar with good wood, good pickup's and a good licensed floyd tremolo
I agree on the S series ibanez. For that price you probably wont find a better bridge, also its a all round kick-ass guitar.
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Quote by Ultimate_Gio92
Ibanez Xiphos.

Nope. It's way overpriced for a guitar with an Edge III.

+2 on the S series, awesome guitars. Or you could look around Ebay for an RG570, they usually go for cheaper than a new S.

I'd also look into getting a better amp than a Cube 30. It's a great practice amp, but in the end, it's still just that, a practice amp.