I delelted my riff thread to expand:

What are your techniques or experiences with writing songs?

I can normall find a good enough chord progression or something, but I never expand on it...

What thought process goes into your songs? How do you choose where to put what, etc...

Riffs, licks, chord progressions, songs as a whole...how do you write yours??

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Sometimes i try to tab out a song and i make mistakes and something else good comes out. or sometimes i just play anything until it sounds good and i play it over again. either way i make my songs by mistakes
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The vast majority of my inspiration comes before bed or when I wake up, when a riff or melody just places itself in my head every now and then as a result of an idle mind. I usually go into Guitar Pro and write it down so I don't lose it.

With this riff comes a feeling, certain "colours of thought", which sounds pretty trippy, but since when was music logical? Anyway, I expand upon this riff with akin riffs which project the same colours, and by then the bit of song I have written will have manifested a concept in my head which I can articulate the song around, adding a lot more variation and structure, rearranging things as needed.

After this I'll just pick away at the song when I get an idea to improve it until I'm satisfied with it.
I'll either hear a melody in my head or just be dicking around and find something I kinda like and change it around to work in a song context. Another thing I do a lot is try to emulate what I think makes a certain song stand out in my head and create something new with that idea, or maybe two features from different songs combined. My last song that I wrote (or kept working on at least) is an amalgamation of Killswitch's songs Break The Silence and Reject Yourself, at least in my head. The intro is legato heavy, the chorus is all legato and very busy, and I move around the lowest voice a bit so I'm not always chugging the C. That's kinda the overview of my thought process.
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I don't know, I must be trying too hard or something. I want to make a song so bad, but I can't think of a good riff for the life of me. I listen to all these songsd I love, and they seem so simple, but I try to do it and I can't.

I keep reading about just thinking of one when not playing guitar, but like, it just doesn't happen...

PLEASE help me...
Do you like anime/manga?
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Ok so, when writing a song, should I think of a bass line/riff as well, or just the guitar bits?

And also, I've got a cool chord progression, where do I go from here...?
Do you like anime/manga?
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