how the hell do i get a tele bridge pickup grounded. i got a set of hot noiseless today and the neck is fine but the bridge i have no clue. there was that little circle thing with a washer that was connected to the old pickup somehow but im not sure how exactly to reattach it so i just stuck it on one of the screws for the pup. i know i have everything connected correctly ive done this tons of times just not on a tele.

so pretty much what im asking without beating around the bush is can someone explain to me how to correctly connect and ground the bridge pup in a telecaster. thanks
Did you try aluminum foil?
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well yeah that i get its just that there are parts that im not used to in there, like the ground wires being connected to these little rings in the cavitys and the one ring that was on the bridge pickup.

i dont really know if aluminum foil would do anything, and the bridge itself should be pretty sufficient but im still a little lost by this
If i remember correctly, the metal bridge pickup base plate is supposed to come in contact with the telecaster bridge and ground the pickups.
just tried that, didnt work. now by base plate, do you mean raise the bridge pickup until it grounds or another way?
Most telecaster pickups have a metal baseplate under the pickup that when it comes into contact with the telecaster bridge it grounds the pickups.