This may not be a good begginers question, i alredy know how to do pinch harmonics but i want to know how zakk wylde does his to get sweet squeel?
he tunes his guitar really low
and thinks hes cool
and basiclly he cheats on his pinch harmonics
in what tuning ive tried in drop c because he uses it for suicide messiah and i don't want to stop but i still get a "normal" pinch harmonic
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A fair bit of gain, and active humbuckers, helps a lot.

Call me Trey.
Yeah humbuckers help an ass load..I figured this out after I played my friends strat and then my schector..helps a lot
you mean pick ups because id imagine theyd be those and not my pinch harmonics or distortion considering i have a death metal pedal.
i was thinking about building a guitar with EMG pickups would those be good?
pickups usualy don't matter, if you hit the sweet spot with your pick you should be able to hear the harmonic while being unplugged, the sweet spot consist of having your finger or an open string and picking the string shortly after you hit the sweet spot with you finger (the harmonic should ring, it can also be done by touching the string with your finger even after picking at anytime but it wouldn't be considered a pinch) back to the main idea, i you want the Zakk Wylde sounding harmonic try working on your vibratos rather than hitting the harmonic first, the work on hitting the harmonic without bends or vibratos and try hitting it every time, muscle memory should build and that will help you greatly. To top it off, there is several sweet spots for every note giving it a different sounding note depending on the harmonic hit.
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pickups aren't essential, they help, but are not the be all and end all. neither is gain. you can get pinches on an acoustic, or when playing clean, it all just depends on technique
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or when playing clean, it all just depends on technique

Here here. I couldn't agree more . Pinch harmonics are all in the hands. And I mean BOTH hands. Your picking hand has got to have the technique to get it started and your fretting hand is the icing on the cake to make that harmonic squeal and have that long awesome virbrato.

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