Well I've looked around at the Carvin website and seen a few that are really nice, and for my next bass I plan on spending with the sub-$1000 range. I am wondering if there are any companies similar to Carvin (relatively nice customs for relatively cheap). Any suggestions are welcome except for Wishbass (I don't need a fretless and they just look shoddily manufactured)
Nobody 'wants' to sell customs for under $1000. Carvin does it because you don't see Carvin gears in stores. They can afford to. Why don't you just go with Carvin? You're expecting a sub-$1000 custom that's better than a Carvin? Not going to happen. The concept of a 'best sub $1000 custom' reminds me of the concept of a 'best $100 bass' - you should just be happy such a thing exists!
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Oh no, I really like the Carvins, I was just wondering if there were any alternatives, always want to keep all options open until I make a decision. Would you happen to have any experience with Carvins? I've been wondering how they play, since the other bass I was looking at was the Peavy Grind Bass. I figure springing the extra cash for a Carvin would pay off, but if its really similar I'd much rather save $700 dollars or so.
Carvin makes decent instruments, but their use of the word "custom" is misleading.
custom Carvin means a choice of available components, such as p-ups, bridge, tuners, necks, and fretboards. it doesn't mean that their under $1000 custom, sounds better than a Fender MIM standard. my only point is that companies spend more on market research, than "best sound" research. and i will admit, Fender is probably the main offender, but they have the Leo Fender copyright.
Peavey, Ibanez, G&L, and Fender, build better sounding, sub $1000 basses, than Carvin.
As the UG'er who's played the most Carvins... I gotta agree with '83 LP Studio.

Carvin offers you lots of CHOICES, but they aren't custom instruments at all.

If you like the CHOICES they offer, feel free... but don't expect anything better than a good factory bass with whatever choice you went with.
if your looking to get a one-of-a-kind custom that nobody can ever get ever again then go here
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