I'm kinda new to alternate tunings so i have a dumb question about drop d half a step. Now i know its thisb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb, but Db, Ab, Db, or Gb doesnt show up on the tuner. so would it look like this on the tuner: C# G# C# F# Bb Eb? I hope this makes sense.
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Fb is just E. and Cb is actually just B. everything else is right.


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Db is the same as C#
Ab is the same as G#
Gb is the same as F#

same note different name depending on how you look at it. just think of your power chords.
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thanks for the clarification. i just wanted to make sure my guitar tuned right. not that it really matters beacues itll be so out of tune tommorow. god damn squire.
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