ok so im sitting here trying to install diablo onto my computer and i cant when i pull it up in the installer it says it isnt supported by the system, then blizzard says that i needed a patch, which i downloaded and i cant run it, and it doesnt allow me to run the insaller.

can anyone help me with this? i know it is possible because my friend is running it on a macbook beside me... but has no idea how to do this... can anyone help?
download the diablo 2 installer from the blizzard website. It's an actual application that you use instead of the installer that comes on the CD (which only works for OS 9).
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yeah i have hat as a .exe file and then when i open it it trys to force me to choose an application

no, I mean, get the one for mac os x. there should be one, since I used that one to install diablo on my mac.
it's not working because mac sucks
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I'm pretty sure .exe doesn't work for mac
Look for one that says .dmg

Edit: nvm Tasty got it
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