This is my 3rd song, and is probably my favorite. I thought I could only make dark metal riffs but I was so happy when i made this! It dosnt have drums or a solo yet. I can add on drums tomarrow, but i really want a solo, I just cant find where to put it. Anyone have any ideas? and C4C
Well, its a little crazy, could be good with drums and vocals, try to slim down on the crazy part. When the bass comes in, it sounds good, albeit a bit repetitive, but the bass-only part is sweet sounding. Keep working on it, man.

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lol, by crazy u mean at the beginning right, if so, yeah, i wanted to add a second guitar part and thats all i could think of, then when i put let ring on it just got crazier, lol. Also, im putting drums in right now, ill add to the zip when im done.